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The Vet Clinic… the final frontier.  #vettech #neuter

The Vet Clinic… the final frontier. #vettech #neuter

SFFJ Day 7 - Week 1 Done


  • Green Grapes - 0 points
  • Watermelon - 0 points (I fucking love watermelon)


  • Strawberries - 0 points
  • Watermelon - 0 points
  • Organic Cranberry Almond Granola - 3 points (only had 1/4 cup today)
  • Stone Field Organic Yogurt (1 cup) - 3 points
  • Organic Hard Boiled Egg - 2 points
  • Morning Star Veggie Chicken Griller - 2 points
  • Value Time Lightly Salted Rice Cake - 1 points


Here is what I did not eat at work today.  So torturous.  



  • Tilapia Fillet - 2 points
  • Herb Chicken Couscous 1 cup cooked - 5 points 
  • Mushrooms - 0 points



  • 1.5 oz Pistachios - 5 points (this was kind of hard to figure out… the internet says so many different things )


23 Daily Points Used

Weekly Weigh in - I realized that I had been taking my weight with my shoes on so I will be doing it without from now on.  This is without one.  I don’t remember why I only took one shoe off.  Today was a hectic day.


Weigh In

I’m going to do a weigh in post every 7 days.  I never did one or got a picture when I weighed myself on day 1 but I was around 173.  I’m going to use the same scale each time and weigh myself in the mornings at work.

Weight on 7/21

Weight on 7/22 (before the explosive shits)

I will still be posting one tomorrow just to do one on the 7 day mark.  So far so good?

Stupid Fucking Food Journal Day 6 -

My goal tomorrow is to have a better breakfast than the last two days.  I’m going to peel my boiled eggs tonight so I won’t be rushing in the morning (I sleep in until the last minute possible).  I’m already anticipating that tomorrow is going to be a shitty day as I will be the only one in my department doing the work of 3 separate positions all at once (aside from the DVM).  Only 4 patients at least.  That Chiptole really fucked me up this morning.   I had to race to the bathroom and I still can’t believe that the acid pouring out of me didn’t melt a hole into the ground all the way to China.  Any shit that makes your eyes water is not a good shit.


  • Organic Vanilla Chip Granola Bar… - 4 points

These things are hard to eat fast.  I was choking on it while I was unlocking the doors at work to get it down my gullet before I had to converse with a client.


  • Value Time Lightly Salted Rice Cake - 1 point
  • Stoney Field Organic Yogurt 1 cup - 3 points
  • Organic Honey Oat Granola - 5 points
  • Morning Star Vegetarian Grilled “chicken” patty - 2 points
  • Strawberries - 0 points
  • Green Grapes - 0 points
  • Watermelon - 0 points
  • Hershey’s Bliss Milk Chocolate (1 piece) - 1 point

When I run out of granola I’m going to look for a lower point alternative.  The granola is fucking delicious but I use a lot of points on it.  For the remainder of the bags I’m going to use 1/4 cup instead of 1/2 to use half the points.

I was pleasantly surprised by how good the Morning Star “chicken” patty was despite it’s grey color and faux grill marks.  I made the chicken patty and the rice cake into a sort of sandwich/giant cracker thing with mustard (which is 0 points).

Being watched while I eat


  • Lettuce - 0 points
  • 4 Large Black Olives Sliced - 1 point
  • 3oz Shredded Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast - 3 points
  • Red Wine Vinegar - 0 points (I’m assuming…I made sure I had left over points just in case)
  • Value Time Lightly Salted Rice Cake - 1 point
  • Turkey Dog - 1 point 
  • Watermelon - 0 points
  • Grapes - 0 points

22 Daily Points Used

I feel pretty full.  I considered having my I Need A Fucking Snack of hot cocoa and soy milk but I’m just not feeling it tonight.

Insert question mark to allow comments/suggestions/bullshit - “?”


Bonus panel version here.

Stupid Fucking Food Journal Day 5 - WHY?

27 Daily Points

I had a shitty start to my morning.  Basically I had a lot that needed accomplished before I opened the doors at work (and 15 minutes to do it) and my coworker decided that they would not be able to come in early like they said that they would.  Fucking annoying.  I had hoped to have a decent breakfast but alas, I just dipped into my food stash at work because I had to rush into work to get there earlier.


  • Organic Vanilla Chip Granola Bar smaller than a mouse dick - 4 points


The veterinary clinic I work for is right next to an Italian restaurant.  And by right next to I mean I can walk into the restaurant via secret connecting doors through the surgery suite.  My better half and his coworkers ate their today and I joined them.  They were all eating these glorious cheese covered grinders and pastas while I sat there with my granola and yogurt.  That was hard.

  • "Organic Cage Free blah blah words to make you feel less guilty about eating something that came out of a farmed animals piss/shit/birth orifice" hard boiled eggs - 4 points (2 each)
  • Stoney Field Organic Yogurt that is slowly starting to taste less disgusting 1 cup - 3 points 
  • Organic Honey Oat Granola 1/2 cup - 5 points
  • Green grapes - 0 points
  • Red raspberries - 0 points

Here is a cute patient of mine today.


I ended up being stuck at work an hour and a half longer than I anticipated and we had plans to grocery shop tonight.  I did a lot of pre-meal planning yesterday for when we had to eat out and I decided on Chipotle Mexican Grill.

This was the saddest meal I have ever had from Chipotle.  I decided tonight that unless we absolutely have to I don’t want to eat out much anymore.  It’s just so disappointing.

  • 3 Soft Corn Tortillas that tasted like ballsack - 3 points
  • Barbacoa Meat 4 oz - 4 points (I don’t really think that dick put that much on my tacos but I’ll go with it)
  • Black Beans 4 oz - 2 points
  • Fresh Tomato Salsa - 0 points
  • Romaine Lettuce - 0 points
  • Guacamole 3.5 oz - 3 points 

I think next time I will go with a bowl with rice instead of the tortillas.  Seriously.  I guess I’ve never had soft corn tortilla before but they were less than desirable.  I didn’t even finish all of the last one.  I really missed my sour cream and cheese tonight.

Disgusting aftermath.

28 Points Used - But not really because that bitch gave me shrimpy amounts of meat on ballsack tortillas that I didn’t even finish.


I am currently resisting this beautiful creation that is known as the ice cream log.  I had one small bite to appease my inner demons.  A friend brought this with him during our weekly Sunday visit.  The torture.


Stupid Fucking Food Journal Day 4

Sundays are special to  me.  Most of the time we don’t have any plans or obligations so I am able to slime out of bed whenever I want.  As I wake up and stretch my arms I feel like a Disney princess until I feel warmth on my face.  As always, I open me eyes and find the dogs hovering above me and drips of drool begin to fall.  It’s as if my eyes opening are like bells to Pavlov’s dogs.  Breakfast time.

27 Daily Points


  • Stoney Field Organic Yogurt (1 cup) - 3 points
  • Cranberry Almond Organic Oats (1/2 cup) - 6 points
  • Red Raspberries - 0 points
  • Green Grapes - 0 points


Did it again.  No real lunch today as I fell asleep and enjoyed an amazing 3 hour Sunday nap.  Before snuggling up with one of my cats (which means I had to fall asleep in one of the most uncomfortable positioned while she slumbered behind my knees and would attack with any sudden movements) I will admit that I ate ONE Cheddar Bay Biscuit that was in our box of left overs from yesterday.  

  • Cheddar Bay Crack Biscuit - 4 points


  • Shredded Boiled Skinless Chicken Breast 3 oz - 3 points
  • Sliced Water Chestnuts - 0 points (according to WW and associated websites)
  • Diced tomato - 0 points
  • Diced onion - 0 points
  • Couscous 1/3 cup cooked - 6 points

Mixed it all together with various spices - Salt, Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Parsley, Garlic Powder.

Sanity Snack

To keep myself sane I used what was left of my points for a treat

  • Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa - 2 points
  • Organic Vanilla Soy Milk (1 cup) - 3 points


All 27 Daily Points used.

Surprisingly, I did not feel like shit despite the cramping and crapping yesterday.  My desire for all things delicious and fried is slowly starting to subside.  I didn’t realize how much time I spent thinking about food and snacking.  Now that I do not spend all evening shoving food down my gullet I may be able to start doing things I always said I’d do but never did.